Female with Colour

My next series of image were designed to continue the theme of directing the gaze of the viewer. My subject applied make up without any mirrors. The only intervention as the photographer was to ask her to slightly exaggerate her application by extending the lips and eye shadow beyond what felt natural by only using colours from the pallet i supplied.  This exercise was to take the choices and control my subject would normally have when applying her own make up, which is a second face to the true person beneath it.

I did not want my subject to look like a clown, but the genuine deterioration of the make up, keeping in mind, my subject did not apply her make up with a mirror, she over exaggerated her application, so being unaware of where her make up is, the bright lights made her eyes water slightly so rubbing her eyes, scratching her face and moving her fringe and the use of the netting over her face which directly distorted the make up. Her face turned into something which resembled a mask, a fescade.

This subject aside, I designed this series to practice using symbolic methods of sensuality and sexuality. Make up is normally used to enhance the attitude and confidence to a woman. So what would happen if I took this element and mixed it  with instruction. How would this A; make my subject feel and B; how would my viewer feel if I turned something which is beautiful and used it to create a strong representation of a woman who is modelling, but does not look typically beautiful.

I decided to use netting material and see how this visually impacts on the image. The strong colours beneath the material could be seen as something quite surreal maybe an interpretation of what women really feel like beneath this front and mask of a persona she has created untrue to her real-self.


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