Artist Statement & CV

Katy Woodgate – Artist Statement;

Having studied various aspects of Art and Design, the heart of my work is within Digital
Photography. I have grown particularly sensitive to incredible amounts of objective photography.
My work is heavily saturated with the objective of discovering ways which allow me to create
emotion and atmosphere, trying to record visually the world from a new perspective and
allowing atmospheres to be achieved and felt through the lens.

Through my practice, I am learning more about the objective environments in which we live and I
take an interest in how photography is used and evolves through the digital world. By
documenting my findings, I want my creations, not necessarily new dimensions to the world, but
another view, to add to the works which have been documented by other artists but with my
own emotions attached. I expose my sight using digital photography, injecting overlooked and
disregarded objects, drenched in history, etched with emotion and bring them back to life.

A PDF Version of my Artist Statement is now available. Please follow the link.

Artist Statement

A PDF format of my Curriculum Vitae is now available to down load. Please follow the link.

Professional CV


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