projection on paper dress.

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Female in grey.

As part of the development of this project, exploring the direction of the viewers gaze, I wanted to re visiting a series of photographs I wanted to re work them.

I rarely edit my photographs before they are posted onto my on line sketch book, so using black and white I was intrigued to see how I could possibly enhance the images. Either making them more powerful, or understand that the original holds a substance true to life, which doesnot need re editing.

Because the nature of my project, and the subjects being women. I am concentrating on directing the gaze of both women and men over the subject within my images.

Within this series, the images are visually  very strong, but as the photographer, I felt that using the natural light, and shadows cast upon the subject added a warmth which is lost through the grey and black tones. There is a sensuality which is held within the coloured shots.

A Gaze; stop motion animation

A Gaze /QuickTime Movie/2011/328KB/29 seconds

A short animation using the theme of ‘The Gaze’. During WWII women were using their femininity and sexuality when befriending American GIs to get their hands on a pair of nylons. If that wasn’t possible, the best way of looking like they were wearing tights was using gravy browning completed with a line drawn in eyebrow pencil on the back of the leg, acting as the seam.

Visually this is a really striking image for me. The young female I am animating draws an unsteady line up her leg. What this animation allows me to do is break down the barrier between a still image and a movie. The drawn line means the female is guiding the eye of the viewer, directing the gaze up and down her legs taking control of what is being seen.