Purchased memory

Here I am displaying memories taken from a strangers camera. Roughly taken about 40 years ago.

I purchased these slides from a bootsale local to my area. The seller was no relation to the people

whom feature within each slide. In fact, he didn’t even know the slides had images on. I dug out one

box, then realised there were more which had mould on them at the bottom of his cardboard box.

I walked away but went back and brought the slides.

Maybe it was sentimental on behalf of the owners of these slides, or my creative side either way, my

intentions are to reuse these slides for a project of my own and then find the owner and return them.








A Gaze; stop motion animation

A Gaze /QuickTime Movie/2011/328KB/29 seconds

A short animation using the theme of ‘The Gaze’. During WWII women were using their femininity and sexuality when befriending American GIs to get their hands on a pair of nylons. If that wasn’t possible, the best way of looking like they were wearing tights was using gravy browning completed with a line drawn in eyebrow pencil on the back of the leg, acting as the seam.

Visually this is a really striking image for me. The young female I am animating draws an unsteady line up her leg. What this animation allows me to do is break down the barrier between a still image and a movie. The drawn line means the female is guiding the eye of the viewer, directing the gaze up and down her legs taking control of what is being seen.

Memory box.

Have you ever thought about taking a picture of your memory box? I did. So I thought I would

share with you a small piece of my past. I have more then one memory box, and I am happy

to share them all with you.

Im going to ask other people to share with me their personal memory box. Project to continue over time. watch this space.

Subject: The gaze.

I present some shots taken under the theme of feminism and directing the gaze. I want to practice ways of directing the gaze of the viewer, around my images. How can I control the depths of what the viewer sees? Through out my practice I aim to produce a range of images, influenced by feminism within art and photography and using a variation of themes, subjects and positioning and locations, which I will practice in a bid to divert or invert the gaze. How closely will one person look into an image? Can I take control of the emotions of the viewer? Can I make them feel uncomfortable or uneasy, happy or intrigued? I hope to find out.

Much appreciation to Artist Rebecca Lee and Model and Artist Liz Sterry who were out on location with me.