Every Child.

Every child is an artist. The problem is how to remain an artist once he grows up. ~Pablo Picasso


Those lovely paintings.

If one person held fond memories of mine, just because they are no longer here , does that mean i can not create new memories involving them.

I will be taking out items of clothing, belonging to my grandfather and hanging them in settings which is un familiar to me.

Firstly, these places will be derelict, moving into outdoor settings, then into public spaces.

These will hang next to a written memory I have with him, along side the piece of clothing and  photo. I will allow the public to walk up, touch, see and read my memory. documenting the interaction along the way.

He would laugh if he knew what I was doing, and ask me why im not still painting ‘those lovely paintings’ any more.

Memory box.

Have you ever thought about taking a picture of your memory box? I did. So I thought I would

share with you a small piece of my past. I have more then one memory box, and I am happy

to share them all with you.

Im going to ask other people to share with me their personal memory box. Project to continue over time. watch this space.