‘Gaze’ series exhibited at Writtle College

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Within this series of images of my subject sitting, I really like the composition of the image. How the bare body of my subject is protected by the paper dress, hair covers her face, yet she is in a corner. The direct subject of the viewers gaze.

paper dress /QuickTime Movie/2011/328KB/30 seconds

Her body and language and movements were un-directed. The subject uses free movements, open arms, and no composure. Taking away the elegance expected of a woman.

I asked the subject to look into the camera, the following images are a real capture. How her eyes have caught the eyes of the viewer, as if to suggest that the viewer has been seen watching her. Really striking images in comparison to the second where her eyes are covered. Does this make the viewer feel more comfortable with out the eye contact of the subject, letting them feel free to look for as long as they want?