16th May; WSD Exhibition

10th April; WSD Website, Statement, featured work and a short interview.

:       Interview                                                                           :      Website

1st January2012; WSD open days promotional material. Featured my photography work as its image.

2011 :

16th May; WSD Exhibition

October; My photography piece ‘Censored Idenity 2’ has been featured on a collection on Saatchi online website.

My work ‘Censored Identity’ has featured on the WSD course information leaflet;

WSD Art & Design Graduate Show 2011

My work ‘Self portrait’ will be showing at the WSD exhibition on Wednesday 18th May and Thursday 19th may 2011.

For more information, please follow the link: http://www.writtleart.org/show/

2010 :

Butterfly metamorphosis https://katyal.wordpress.com/2010/10/13/metamorphosis-natural/

exhibited at the Writtle School of Design Exhibition. (20-21 May 2010)


Artwork also used for promotional flyer.


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