KatyAl;Finsbury Park project

360 degree project has a blog dedicated click here to view

360 degree project has a Flickr Page dedicated click here to view

360 degree is part of the official ‘The Participant’ of Finsbury park. Official website to begin your own project please click here <link to be added>

The Participants Facebook group can be found here 

360 degree project on google maps can be found here


Key points I have taken from the design brief;

– Individual way for the park users & gallery visitors to get INVOLVED and INSPIRED and feel CONNECTED to the world and see themselves together.

IDEA; Take domesticated items into public spaces – involve something which all people, of all diversities can connect with.

IDEA: Post-it notes

– Develop your sensitivity to different aspects of the park

– Find imaginative and expressive ways to respond to the document and share what I discover.

– SHARING works in an open map of Furtherfields surroundings.


>Connections>Ethnics>Cultures>Ages>Activities>Enthusiasm>Social>ecology of park>Human life/animals/plants/soil.


>Video>Guided tour>Virtual tour>Photography>Poster>Performance

REALMS: to consider


2. Able bodies. Access ability. Disibility



5.Living things >Animals/ants/bacteria in bodies.

6.Entrances (X4) demographics of who uses the park

7.Untouched and over grown.

8.Nature & Nurture what has been touched / cultivated


10.Electro Magnetic realms/ signals

11.Natural Navigator book/light sensors

12.Galvanic skin responses

13.Mapping stimulations/skin reactions/ photographing these responces

14.Layering>Tree canopy/snow/leaves/sun/grass.


60 steps forward – 25 steps right and 60 steps back

Task: note anything around me.

‘Task One; Journey map’

I documented my 60 steps using my camera, by taking an image everytime I looked up from the ground. This way a way of recording the parts of the ground I missed and would not ever have been able to re see – Unless I took a picture of it.
I have turned the images into an animation as a nice way of viewing my journey throughout the 60 steps task.

Furtherfield /QuickTime Movie/2011/328KB/20seconds

After the research period of the area, I had some initial research ideas. One thought which I want to base my ideas upon is as follows;

“No two people will stand in the same space, and experience the same views as another”

I decided to stand in three different parts of the park and take a 360 degree turn, while doing so I took continuous shots. After running them together though quick time I have an amination example of what I would propose for others visiting the park to continue.

Gallery 360

Furtherfield /QuickTime Movie/2011/328KB/20seconds

360. TWO

Furtherfield /QuickTime Movie/2011/328KB/20seconds

360. FOUR

After choosing the Realm catagory “Sound” I went out and tried to think of ways I could record sound though photography. I had post it notes with me, so I recorded specific sounds by drawing on the post it notes an image of what was most significant within that area.




1. Birds flying  2. Trees rustling in the wind 3. Lady pushing a pram 4. Jogger and Runner 5. Crane 6. Treading on a can.

Above are the representing sounds which I heard on a 20 minute walk around the park.

GROUP WORK – Mapping collaboration

As a group we mapped out out journey and how we managed to document the realms we were asked to portray. The post-it notes are from those who chose to use them on their walk around the park.



As a GROUP we have set up a facebook page which links to the google map highlighting ‘participant’ events within Finsbury Park and encourages other participants to join by pressing the ‘like’ button. This will allpw people to see what events are planned, times and dates they are taking place and which area of the park to meet. This will create a real hub to enthusiasts to participate with these social events.

As a GROUP we established that we wanted the participants events to really make a lasting effect by inviting them to begin sharing their results. These can be uploading images and videos, or anything creative which has come as a result of the workshop they attended. Not only will this become the home for storing anything visual but also a great marketing tool. Nothing manipulated but self promoting ‘The Participant’ by the public who are involved.

Russ has offered to use his skills in designing and creating the website and Liz has created a design which will be used on the logo.

MEETING: Tuesday 14th Feb:

Our Manifesto (The Group)

Manifesto About Participants (MAP)

”Our objective is to breakdown familiarisation and create an environment of creative interaction – (weird things).  We are suggesting ways in ‘not to behave’ and non events.  We are enabling a new train of thought”

As a group we looked at many various ways of mapping discussing and sharing physical and digital maps, as well as directional, informational and emotional maps. We also looked at Fluxus, Lottie Childs Street Training, Situationist  and Space Hijackers.

The group discussed what the initial outcomes we wanted as a result of mapping the ecology of Finsbury park.

The group wanted to create a way of allowing the public to participate within the scheduled projects. There were existing zones dedicated to social acticities, such as bike paths, tennis courts, foot paths, play areas and more recently Furtherfield Gallery. These are all places which have been created for like minded and people with a reason for being in that place at a scheduled time. So How can we make use of the unused, or less used parts of the park?

The group decided on creating a website as the base to tie in and share the social networks, events and external participants we are interacting with, along-side the individual blogs. This will become the home to a collaborative map that encouraging interactions and importantly ways of mapping interaction.

As a group it was concluded that the orange and white exclamation logo, would allow the user to become familiarised with the project. Anything seen which is supported by this logo, is an event which has been cleared by the group. These would be safe and recognisable events and act as part of the same project by placing the ‘!’  logo on home pages and using searchable keyword tags on all blogs.


As a result of the group presentations I will carry forward with my 360 individual project. I will take another visit to the park and record more videos. I will ask other people to do the same and upload them.

REFLECTION: Areas I need to think about:

1. Where can people upload videos / images and animations? >Possibilities; Youtube channel, Flickr, upload direct to a blog dedicated to the park curated by myself.

2. The blog will act as a hub for these mini projects. There will be a link on the group ‘participant MAP’ website, this will take potential users/participants/visitors directly to my blog which will also have a ‘return home’ tab which will then take the user/ participant/ visitors back to the official website.

3.Could I create a HTML grid which displays all of the footage uploaded? These could be running at the same time – the participant clicks on a section of the grid which will open up the 360 degree footage.

4. FIND a way of creating an EXACT location of a participant (google maps) is there an way of recording the exact place someone is standing?

5. Look up flicker finsbury park images – join these. How are other people connecting and communicating already?

6. How do people map – what maps are already existing?

7. Screen hanging in the Furtherfield gallery which runs the html grid with the films as they are uploaded. (how would this work?)

I have created a logo based on the main ‘Participants’ exclamation ‘!’ logo, I have designed a way of using the recoginisable orange and white as the back drop to my own. I felt it was important to keep the event and the group project connected.

I have used the circular imagery to my advantage for promoting the 360 degree project, by using the lower part of the exclamation to represent my project, I have carried through with the colour design as agreed with the group, and used the colour black to highlight the participant and the motions of turning. I was really pleased with this design and I hope that by spending some time on the designing it now makes my individual project a richness and identity.

Individually, each member of the group will have a link placed within the official website leading the participants to separate project blog pages. There will be a link which loops the participant back to the official web page- allowing the viewer to browse the events as it suits.

Mapping: I begun looking at mapping projects which are already in existence.

Finsbury Park official Map

Google maps

I decided to take a virtual tour of Finsbury Park using Google images and Flickr to see what other people have seen on their walks around the park. As a collaborative project, I decided to take some of my post-it notes and create sections of the images taken by other people and incorporate my own works. Within this excercise I want to create an example of how important it is to document the park for others to see virally. Without the function being a matter of clicking, I want to see if I can create a collaboration of art and photography.

Below are a set of images which I have taken from a website, combining drawings by hand and the internet. Taking my personal mapping and using against the back drop of a strangers photo.


I have discovered, Google maps currently use Panoramio, which is a website that invites people world wide to upload their own personal images of destinations they have visited. This acts as a window directly into that space.

I then went on with my investigations looking at how my project would look using typical search engines – as the participants cursor hovered over the map of Finsbury park another participants image would appear. This could either be under the theme of the event which has taken place eg, ”360 views via Post-it’ event” of which would pop up with a post-it note image as an example. Please see below.

I have created an event on Google maps which can be found here

THOUGHT: For those people who can not visit the park in person, how can I involve them? 

I had a thought which involved people of all ages, who could not come to an event, but they could still participate. The 360 degree flickr account is the hub for all videos, images and projects to be uploaded directly from the participant. So could I create an event which combines both real life projects and representational. 

I propose that participants use images from the flickr account to paint/ draw/ sculpt/ talk about via video (possibly explaining the scene they are looking at for, lets say a blind person, who could then draw/paint what they feel) This is a way of collaborating all ages, all specialities, all cultures and disabilities to become creative and collaborate together, with no limitations of funding or capabilities. 




  1. The branch of biology that deals with the relations of organisms to one another and to their physical surroundings.
  2. The study of the interaction of people with their environment.

I went on to look at events which are already taking place within the park, by viewing the schedule of the park, it would allow me to get clearer idea of what would be the ideal days to visit the park and participate in the 360 degree project.


Here are websites I have found which aim to build upon the community of the park, these are either running new workshops, runs, classes or charity works.

Finsbury Park People 

Finsbury park Race for Life

Innovation Sports

Jamaica at Finsbury Park

I have researched a way in which Participants can upload their details and enrol on an event. My findings bring be back to the Innovation Sports event as featured above- there is a participation sign up form which holds all the details of the event and what is required. This would be a really great way for the official Participants website to enrol the details of those who are interested. Also, it is an economical way of gaining details of future marketing oppertunities and builds up a contact list.

Artist Research:

David Noble


These 2 views of the same sphere are part of an installation of 15 interiors of rooms in the Artists life from the pub to the Chapel. David has very cleverly combined hundred of shots of each interior, and using Photoshop has fused them together to produce a continuous 360 degree photograph on a sphere.

Interesting 360 videos:


What is 360-degree photography?

360-degree multimedia photography makes two experiences possible:

  • Exploration of a place by viewing panoramic photography
  • Exploration of objects through images taken at multiple viewing angles

Ryan Enn Hughes’ work is a variation on the second type of 360-degree photography: the photography of a stationary object from multiple sides in order to create the illusion of spinning the object. The effect is also known as rotary view, 360-degree object photography, and product spin.


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